NTLL – Nanotechnology Living Lab

NTLL The NTLL is the bridge between applied research and industry.

Our experience comes from the higher education PON program (Activating MAAT – Molecular nanotech specialized engineers, innovators, startuppers for the environment and human health – PON 2007-2013) of the DHITECH s.c.a.r.l. -Lecce.
Skilled to manage relationships with different subjects, the NTLL delivers solid backgrounds on many topics. From medical applications to energy saving materials, the team works within the Living Lab linking industry and scientific research centers.

We are here to help your team to find the best partner for your innovation programs, promoting tech transfer and new partnerships, and helping submitting your proposals for international grants.

Our group can operate on

  • Innovative nano-materials, including FV applications, energy storage, energy saving, sensors, catalysis,
  • Biotech and innovative bio-materials, including the drafting and developing stages.

Within the MAAT project our team delivered

  • semi-transparent Smart Panels, with combined FV (DSSC cells), lighting (OLEDs) and shielding properties;
  • LOCs (Lab-On-Chips) for quick and low cost biological analysis, in which special OLEDs were integrated;
  • the Living Lab itself, in which the abilities are matched and optimized.